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Chell's Voices
!This story contains spoilers for "Portal" and "Portal 2!"

If you plan to play either game but want to be unspoiled (and you really don't want to be spoiled) then do NOT read this. After you've played them both I hope you will come back.
Spoilers begin immediately after this warning.
"Fire detected in the Stalemate Resolution Annex. Extinguishing."
Water fountained from overhead sprinklers, snuffing out the flames, soaking Chell to the skin and sluicing most of the white portal-conducting gel from the floor.
"Oh that just cleans right off, does it?" huffed Wheatley from his armature, "Well that would have been good to know, a little earlier."
With the fire eliminated the system's mindless administrator resumed its script.
"Stalemate Resolution Associate, please press the Stalemate Resolution Button."
Another order from another goddamn machine. But if she wanted to escape this insane automated slaughterhouse, or ever see another human, or eat anything b
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Devil May Fail by boradis Devil May Fail :iconboradis:boradis 39 20 Style does matter by boradis Style does matter :iconboradis:boradis 5 16 Dante Newport by boradis Dante Newport :iconboradis:boradis 6 2 Dante Marlboro 2 by boradis Dante Marlboro 2 :iconboradis:boradis 9 5 Dante smokes 1 by boradis Dante smokes 1 :iconboradis:boradis 10 41
'Cry, Silent Hill' Chapter 4
Chapter 4
"Help! One of you get in here! Now!"
It was Cybil's voice that shook Lady out of her reverie. She raced inside behind Dante.
Cybil was pointing up at the church's balcony where one of the cultists, a balding man with the eyes of a fanatic, held a little girl in a blue dress before him. He pressed a butcher's knife to her throat.
"Is that …" Lady blurted.
"It is the daughter of the witch," Christabella proclaimed stepping forward, her sycophants crowding behind her. "You heathens … you shall surrender your weapons, or witness the spilling of this creature's blood …"
"Hey, kid!" Dante yelled, ignoring the advancing congregation. He turned to Lady, "What's her name again?"
"Sharon," Lady and Cybil spoke simultaneously.
"You shall not block the path of God's holy judgment …" Christabella raised her arms, and her followers braced themselves to charge.
"Sharon!" Dante yelled over the matriarch, "Close your eyes, OK?"
The girl shut them tight as the cultis
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'Cry, Silent Hill' Chapter 3
Chapter 3
As Lady's scream echoed, the scarlet energy curtain over the archway shattered like a stained-glass window. She raised her arms to shield her eyes, but the red shards flew past and through her with no more substance than moonlight.
The nightmarish murder-thing turned to face her. She stared back as it began to lumber towards the arch.
Abruptly, her desperate panic inverted itself and became a frothing rage. Raising Kalina-Ann to her shoulder, she targeted the son-of-a-bitch.
"Eat this!" and she fired off a bunker-buster. The thing hunkered behind its helm and took the full force of the missile's impact. When the fireball cleared Lady saw it had been knocked back a few paces and its helm and skin were blackened, but it had already resumed its advance. She cursed and reloaded.
It had covered half the distance between them by the time she fired again, and the blastwave of heat from the explosion blew back her hair and nearly singed her eyebrows. Yet the beast lost only a
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'Cry, Silent Hill' Chapter 2
Chapter 2
Lady finally remembered to close her mouth.
Her mind reeled at the level of supernatural power being displayed before her. Experimentally, she picked up a stone and flung it out a short way over the abyss ... and watched it drop into the void and vanish. She waited for a 'bang' or a 'splash,' or any other sound of it hitting bottom. She waited. And waited. And waited ...
Finally, Dante broke the silence.
"Oh no. We're trapped," he smirked in mock horror. Lady glanced at him, irritated. "Oh, come on. Lighten up. Don't tell me you weren't expecting something like this."
Lady sighed, and shifted the weight of Kalina-Ann on her shoulder. She turned and headed back up the street, letting Dante bring up the rear for once.
"Guess we're doing this your way," she huffed.
Time passed meaninglessly. Soon after finding the route back had vanished Lady checked her watch only to find it stopped. Dante, of course, didn't wear one.
Nothing attacked them as they fruitlessly searche
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'Cry, Silent Hill' Chapter 1
Chapter 1
Drdrdringggggg! Drdrdringggggg!
"Devil May Cry ..."
"Hello, um, hi... I'd like to speak to Dante?"
"You got him. You got the password too?"
"Yes! Uh, I mean, I need to talk to the 'handyman that will take any dirty job.' That's it, right?"
"More or less. What's the problem, and how much money you got?"
Dante glanced at his partner Lady, a pretty brunette with mismatched eyes in a white bell-bottomed catsuit perched on the edge of his desk, which she had just kicked. She was fixing him with a "be nice!" glare around a mouthful of pizza. He waved her off, leaned his chair back dangerously far, and picked his free ear with a pinky.
"It's my wife, and my daughter," the caller explained, "They've vanished ..."
"I don't do missing persons, pal," Dante cut him off as he examined the tip of his finger before wiping it on his red leather jeans. Lady made a face.
"... into a place called Silent Hill. Wait, let me finish." The caller took a shaky breath, "I'm in the
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Devil May Ring
Devil May Ring
Lady dropped her luggage with three loud thuds. She knew she shouldn't have left him on his own for an entire week, yet the mess was more than even she had anticipated. For starters, the entire place had a musty, stagnant smell to it.
"'I'll take it easy,' he said," Lady mocked in a sing-song voice. "'Maybe rent some videos,' he said."
The worst of the chaos was centered in the lounge area, which she saw was littered with broken glass, from the … from what had been the new TV she had just bought for their office! In the center of its screen was a hole exactly the size and shape of one of her partner's motorcycle boots.
"Dante!" she called, furious.
She spotted him – limply sprawled on the couch, his back to the room, motionless, dead to the world.
Her angry march was cut short when her foot made a splash. Looking down, she saw she'd stepped in an actual puddle of water. In fact, the rug in the lounge area was soaked. At least now she knew the source of t
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I guess the only thing I really have to complain about these days is that the summer is almost over and it's been months since I "went go beach." I don't miss getting sunburned, but the snorkeling gear is getting a bit dusty. I wish my friends weren't all so busy doing other things!

Also on the up side, there's lots of good stuff to read and watch these days. "Naruto" is getting more awesome by the week, I liked most of "The Walking Dead" (except for the season finale), and I've broken out a couple of my old favorite games to brush up on: "Bayonetta" and "Kingdom Hearts II."


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